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Customer waiting Area. . . . . . Mot testing station - Wilbury Way . .

MOT Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock, Stevenage

Our Price For MOT Just £49

At our MoT testing facility you can either leave your vehicle with us, we can locally collect and return it to you, or you are welcome to wait in our comfortable lounge area. Here, via a 3-camera CCTV viewing system shown on a widescreen TV, you can watch our technician undertake the MOT test or you can relax and enjoy the "Freeview Programmes" on our Plasma TV and refresh yourself from our choice of Free hot & cold drinks .
See a list of exactly what we will be checking during the MOT at the government's website:

Should your vehicle need any remedial work we will advise you and identify the extent of the work, allowing you to view the faults and decide how best to go forward.
All remedial work can be carried out on-site enabling your vehicle to be back on the road as soon as practicable.
Your re-test will be Free as long as you have the necessary repairs completed within 10 days of the test.
Remember that your MoT can be extended by having it done up to 28 days ahead of the expiry date - so there really is no need to wait until the last minute!
Once we have undertaken your MoT we will mail you a reminder a month before your next MoT is required, so you can plan ahead and ensure you stay safe as well as within the law.


Have you ever wondered why we advise you of low tyre tread depth when you seem to have a "massive" 3mm of tread left
i.e. much more than the MoT minimum of 1.6mm)?

Click on the logos at the right here to look over RoSPA's research into the results of braking in wet conditions & a
lso Continental tyres interesting video which dramatically demonstrates why 3mm is essential to your continued safety. Indeed on the continent 3mm is their minimum tread depth!
Watch the Continental Tyres video then decide whether your life is worth just having the MoT minimum of 1.6mm of rubber! Be prepared to be frightened at the thought of whether the person in the car behind you is only running on 1.6mm of tread, Anti-lock brakes won't improve his stopping distance!

RoSPA tread depth investigation

Conti Tyre Tread video




To book your MoT just call us on 01462 437142 or email us here