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Bosch service

Full four wheel alignment - less tyre wear - less pollution
Laser sighting equipment for accuracy
Accurate setting means less tyre wear
Our specialist laser steering alignment system will ensure the end of such problems as:
Wandering to the side
Heavy steering
Uneven tyre wear
Excessive Tyre wear
Poor cornering
All these symptoms mean your vehicle is wasting your fuel and your money;
as well as causing more pollution to the environment and undue wear & tear
on your tyres.
If you have vibration at the steering wheel when in the 60 - 70 speed zone
this is due to the wheels being imbalanced rather than the steering being
misaligned. Rebalancing the wheels can be done in our tyre bay.
Just pick up the phone and call us now to make an appointment to get your
car performing at its most environmentally friendly so it leaves the minimum
carbon footprint on the planet.


For safer steering, greater fuel efficiency and less tyre wear
book your wheel alignment check NOW on 01462 437142
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